Hand Made Whole
by Wan

Flowers are hand-crafted using premium crepe paper
and are created as solos or as ensembles.


Remembrance Rose Project

The Remembrance Rose project is a creation by Wan for the purpose of contributing to patient healing at UCLA Health’s Ronald Reagan Medical Center.

What is the Remembrance Rose Tutorial?

Special thanks to the following companies for providing materials to use in our productions:

Carte Fini  >  website

PanPastel  > website

Chapter 1: Parts and Materials
What are the parts and materials of the rose?

Special thanks to the following artists for granting permission to use their music in our productions:

Frank Steiner, Jr.  >  website

7and5  > on Facebook

Chapter 2: Making the Center
What is the starting part for making the rose head?

Chapter 3: The Petals
What is the sizing and shaping for the rose petals?

Chapter 4: The Rose Head
What is the structure of the rose head?

Chapter 5: The Sepal
What is the rose sepal? And where is it located?

Chapter 6: The Leaves
What are the leaves of the rose?

Chapter 7: The Whole Flower
How does the whole flower come together?