Hand Made Whole
by Wan

Flowers are hand-crafted using premium crepe paper
and are created as solos or as ensembles.


Remembrance Rose Project

The Remembrance Rose project is a creation by Wan for the purpose of contributing to patient healing at UCLA Health’s Ronald Reagan Medical Center.

What is the Remembrance Rose Tutorial?

Chapter 1: Parts and Materials
What are the parts and materials of the rose?

Chapter 2: Making the Center
What is the starting part for making the rose head?

Chapter 3: The Petals
What is the sizing and shaping for the rose petals?

Chapter 4: The Rose Head
What is the structure of the rose head?

Chapter 5: The Sepal
What is the rose sepal? And where is it located?

Chapter 6: The Leaves
What are the leaves of the rose?

Chapter 7: The Whole Flower
How does the whole flower come together?